EN 36C

EN36C is a 3.50 % Nickel steel with Chromium & Molybdenum. It is a carburizing steel grade with very high surface strength with a soft but strong core. The material retains an incredible degree of toughness and fatigue resistance.

Case hardened steel is usually formed by diffusing carbon and/or nitrogen into the outer layer of the steel at high temperature. The carbon combines with the steel to make it nearly glass-like in its hardness. The core of the metal stays soft. This gives you a piece of metal that you cannot cut with a saw, but also will not shatter.


  • - DTH Hammers
  • - DTH Bits
  • - Pistons
  • - Gears
  • - Shafts
  • - Connecting rods
  • - Couplings


Grade % C Mn Ni Cr Mo S P AI
EN 36C MIN. 0.12 0.30 0.10 3.00 0.60 0.10 Max. Max.
MAX. 0.18 0.06 0.35 3.75 1.10 0.25 0.015 0.02

Weight chart

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