This tool steel is a chromium hot work tool Steel, which is widely used in tooling Applications as it is characterised by high level Of toughness and ductility. Uniform and high levels of machinability And polishability make musco h13 a viable Choice, especially for the aluminium and die Casting and plastic mold industry where this Is required. Excellent through hardness properties and Limited distortion during hardening allow The end product to have a better quality Giving a longer die life. Mo & v act as strengthening agents and Chromium provides high temperature strength, high Temperature toughness and high temperature wear resistance.

In 2013, GA & co and MUSCO worked hand in hand relentlessly for 2 years to develop a very special product. AISI H13 – EFS. This resulted in giving our existing customers a higher die life , equal or better than that of imported steels from reputed mills in Europe.


  • - Aluminium extrusion dies, backers, liners
  • - Hot shear blades
  • - Stamping dies
  • - Die casting dies
  • - Dummy blocks
  • - Mandrels
  • - Swaging dies
  • - Forging dies


Grade % C Mn Si Cr Mo V S P
AISI H13 MIN. 0.30 0.20 0.80 4.75 1.25 0.80 Max. Max.
MAX. 0.40 0.50 1.20 5.50 1.75 1.20 0.015 0.020

Weight chart

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