“Success in business is driven by Customer Focus, Relationships and Ethics.”

Girdharilal Agrawal, Founder

Who we are

Our Story

Selecting the perfect steel is a difficult task which we at GIRDHARILAL AGRAWAL & Co. have assisted our customers in doing over the last 60 years. The wide range of grades, stocks and solutions that we provide has made us beyond just distributors. Availability via our centralized warehouse, continuous innovation & improvement in our product offering have made us one of the largest stockists and distributors of special steels in India.

We also export specialized grades to large multinational companies in Europe, matching the quality, service and delivery of leading European steel mills.


To be the preferred partner for special steels by providing innovative, value-added and customized solutions


Be relentlessly customer focused

Stay true to our founding principles of ethical business and care for all stakeholders

Build a high performance, process-driven and reliable organization by leveraging new technologies

Promote sustainability in all that we do.

Core Values

Integrity: Build trust by being fair and honest in all that we do

Innovation: Drive progress by imagining what is possible and encouraging innovation

Valuing Relationships: Create enduring and meaningful relationships with team members, customers, stakeholders and the community

Excellence: Strive to excel in every aspect of our business to deliver the best outcomes and highest quality of service to our customers

Our Team

Mr. Rakesh Agrawal

Managing Partner

It is indeed an honour for me to lead GA Steels, a company that my uncle Mr. Girdharilal Agarwal set up over 6 decades ago. He was a visionary in the special steel distribution business in India with a focus on staying ahead of the times. I look forward to continuing his legacy of being future focussed, modernizing GA Steels while keeping its core values intact.

As supply chains have transformed in India, customers increasingly want special steel solutions rather than just products. Being customer-centric, we are increasingly focussing our energies on meeting these rapidly evolving needs. I am delighted that our customers, large and small, have appreciated these efforts as is evident from their testimonials and continued business.

As the Indian economy grows rapidly, the special steels industry is poised for exciting times. We are confident that with our proud heritage, experience and deep engagement with suppliers and customers alike, GA Steels will continue to play a pivotal role in the special steels distribution business.

Mr. Sushil Agrawal

I have had the privilege of working closely with my respected late elder brother Mr. Girdharilal Agrawal and assisting him in the task of building GA Steels to become a leader in the special steel distribution business in India.

While GA Steels has grown by leaps and bounds as the Indian economy has been transformed, I am glad that our values have stood the test of time. I am sure that Girdharilalji would be proud of the continued customer focus that GA Steels has displayed. As the next generation molds the business and makes it future ready, I am sure that all our partners, customers and team members will continue to drive GA Steel’s success in the years to come.

Mr. Karan Dharnidharka

Managing Partner

My grandfather, Mr. Girdharilal Agarwal, started this business in 1957 and was a pioneer in special steel distribution business in India. He grew the business ethically and by dint of his hard work and I shall endeavour to follow in his foot steps.

The demand for alloy steel in India is growing rapidly and GA Steels is in a great position to take advantage of this by leveraging our experience and relationships in the industry. Our company remains customer focussed as we continuously strive to add value for all our stakeholders.

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